My Rambling Thoughts

Will swallowing disinfectant kill you?

Fresh air is a disinfectant.

For some reason, we have forgotten everything we know about coronavirus, how it spreads and what it is weak against.

Coronavirus is broken down by sunlight and fresh air.

It is transmitted through droplets. Droplets have a short range and drop to the ground quickly. Micro-droplets can linger and build-up in the air indoors, especially if poorly ventilated.

This is why it helps to wear face mask. A surgical mask does not filter virus, but filters droplets and particles. If you interact with people, you want to wear a full face shield too — protect your eyes.

My guess is that it takes a certain concentration to infect. If it is lower than that, there is no infection even if the virus is present.

The perfect bio-weapon

Wanted traits:

  • Long incubation period (up to 14 days)
  • Asymptomatic during incubation period
  • Infectious even in asymptomatic phase
  • Transmissible via respiratory droplets, airborne (aerosol), feces
  • Hard to diagnose; good at hiding in various parts of the body
  • Three-week illness duration; first week mild, second week recover-or-get-worse, third week critical (recover or die)
  • Multiple organ failure; immune system attacks own organs
  • Able to re-infect after recovery; only weak anti-bodies produced
  • Organs weakened after first infection, more likely to be serious on re-infection
  • High mutation rate to thwart vaccine or cure

After a long search, we finally found one promising candidate...

The Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), now named COVID-19, is extremely lethal to the elderly (60 years old and above), those with pre-existing health conditions, and those with over-reactive immune system.

Fatality rate of risk group: at least 10% — don't risk it, trust me. Fatality rate of non-risk group: 0.2% (10x higher than seasonal flu). You'll probably shrug it off.

Except we still need to improve its deadliness... perhaps by combining it with Ebola (fatality rate 66.7%).

We should take utmost precaution to avoid unleasing such a virus accidentally, shouldn't we?

The US CDC test kits were found to be severely flawed; they gave a high rate of false negative. Were they that incompetent? Possibly. That's what hiring by affirmative or diversity instead of competency gets you.

But here's a tinfoil hat theory: what if their test kits were based on a different strain? Something from their lab... hmm...

2019 in red

My secondary savings account nearly went out of money in 2019:

2019Sav a/cCCMs CCOutIn

I did not pay attention to it because it was supposed to be "revenue neutral".

I estimated I'm $15k in the red for the entire year. In other words, not only did I not save, but I spent from my savings.

Tasks in 2020:

  • Use one account for expenses for ease of tracking
  • Watch expenses — both CC and non-CC expenses are very high