Trading Cards Collection

Jun 2004: added Slayers Collector Cards
May 2004: added Macross Special Edition, Tenchi Muyo Collector Cards
Dec 2003: added Macross Perfect Collection
First created on 7th Nov 2003.
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This is my trading cards collection. I'll buy or trade cards, so start browsing already!

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Final Fantasy Art Museum First Edition Final Fantasy Art Museum First Edition
476 cards. Completion status 142/144
Final Fantasy Art Museum Second Edition Final Fantasy Art Museum Second Edition
499 cards. Completion status 144/144
Final Fantasy VIII Carddass Masters Final Fantasy VIII Carddass Masters (Perfect Visual Collection)
415 cards. Completion status 72/72
Final Fantasy VIII Carddass Masters (Card Game)
438 cards. Completion status 110/110
Macross Perfect Collection Macross Perfect Collection
767 cards. Completion status 192/192
Macross Perfect Collection Part 2 Macross Perfect Collection Part 2
351 cards. Completion status 81/81
Macross Special Edition (Broccoli) Macross Special Edition (Broccoli High Grade Card Collection)
90 cards. Completion status 90/95
Rumiko Takahashi Trading Cards Collection
142 cards. Completion status 142/162
Tenchi Muyo Collector Cards
78 cards. Completion status 78/78
Slayers Collector Cards
72 cards. Completion status 72/72

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a Transaction in progress. Collection status may not be up-to-date.

b Collection status is not reflected here yet.

Buying/Trading Conditions

I prefer to trade than sell: one normal card for another normal card, and one special card for another special card. However, not all cards are created equal.

Take for example, Macross. I will trade Macross TV/DYRL/2012/Plus cards with other such cards, and Macross II/Game/7 cards with any other Macross cards.

Another example, Final Fantasy Art Museum. In descending order of desirability: CG, portrait, character, monster, movie, illustrations. FF 7 and 8 have higher desirability than the other FFs.

But don't worry about all these. Just send me the cards you want and the cards you want to trade with, and we can sort it out. My wanted list is a good place to start.

My cards are in mint condition and I expect that your cards are too.


The first thing you must be willing to do is to ship overseas. That's because I'm in Singapore. However, regular letter post should cost US$1.50 or less.

I will be sending my cards over using regular letter post, uninsured, in a bubble-padded envelope.

We will be responsible for our own postage (for trading).

Technical Notes

The cards are scanned at 200 dpi with de-screening, using a HP ScanJet 8200 flatbed scanner. Each card is 500 x 700 pixels. For speed, nine cards are scanned in one go. They are converted to 142 x 200 pixels, applied USM (50%, 1.2 pixels, 3 pixel threshold), and saved as JPEG, quality 8.

The covers go through the same process. However, they are cropped and saved as JPEG, quality 7.

Tilted cards are rotated back -- it's hard to align the cards properly, even with alignment placeholders. As this is a multi-step manual process, I try to avoid it as much as possible. This is why some cards look tilted; they are! :-D It is most apparent when straight lines are present. Most tilted cards are 0.5 to 0.7 degrees off; the worst was 1.1 degrees off. Anything worse was caught at the scanning preview and the cards re-adjusted.

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