Lupin The Third Figures

Bar counter set. My favourite now. This cost 2500 yen in Japan, but I paid three times as much from a local shop. I now buy from Yahoo Japan myself.
A close-up.
[Aug 2004] Just released! Going for about 2600 yen on Yahoo Japan. However, I got it at HLJ at 4200 yen (before shipping). HLJ is always more expensive, but sometimes its price is ridiculous.

(Note that it works out to be about the same after all the commissions and charges.)

A close-up.

I don't like how they made Fujiko's breast so big. There is such a thing as disproportional, and is very distracting (in a bad way). This is a problem with anime figures in general. You'll think anime fans are attracted by breasts, the bigger the better! :-D (Well, up to a point...)

[Jan 2005] Almost didn't manage to get this. Pre-ordered at Hobby Search months ago, didn't realize my credit card expired in November, so my order got cancelled. Luckily HLJ still has it, due to its high price. :-) (3920 yen vs 2831 yen)
A close-up.

I don't normally display the chips because they are very easy to lose.

Comes with a deck of cards, including the box! However, you need to tear from the leaflet to do so. I haven't decided to tear or not.

Vignette Collection 7. I find all the figures are very well-posed. I like only one or two figures in the other sets, so I didn't get them.

The Vignette Collection series cost more than the gashapons. The gashapon sets range from 500 yen to 1800 yen, while this series usually start at 1500 yen.

Despite being slightly smaller than the gashapons, the quality is noticeably one notch higher.

Notice that some of the figures have painted-on shadows!

I wonder why there are two Fujiko's? Is it supposed to be a mirror reflection?

The only fault I can find is that Fujiko is slightly smaller than the other figures.

The boxes, figure no. 31 to 35.

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