Neon Genesis Evangelion

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This page shows most of my Evangelion collection.

3 figures from HGIF set 1

This set is not so easy to find these days, at least not cheaply. When this happens, there is always eBay.

I got this set for this three figures, believe it or not. I don't particularly fancy Rei and Asuka in plugsuits. :-)

Another 3 figures from HGIF set 1
3 figures from HGIF set 2

This set is still quite easy to find and is just a couple of dollars higher than the original price. However, I didn't know that and paid slightly more.

Another 3 figures from HGIF set 2.

Rei and Asuka in swimming wear are supposed to be the highlights of this set, but I didn't even bother to assemble them before this shot. :-)

HGIF set 3. Yet another Rei and Asuka in their plugsuits.
Rei from HGIF set 3.

I just  l o v e  this pose!

May be a little too ecchi for some, however. It depends on your state of mind. (Go take the Purity test now! :-)

Another 3 figures from HGIF set 3.
Rei from Seaside Series. There is something about this pose that screams carefree summer, and I just can't avoid the emotions it invokes in me.

I like this series a lot. I never thought about collecting Evangelion figures until I saw this series. Unfortunately, by the time I knew about it, it was sold out everywhere but HLJ. And HLJ charges 4200 yen for it while it was priced 1800 yen elsewhere.

In fact, I like this series so much that I got two sets, one to display at home and the other in office.. In hindsight, I shouldn't have done that. This set was the beginning of an avalanche of Evangelion figures. Just how many Rei and Asuka can you stand? :-)

Very sexy outfit, but I think I like Rei's much more.
Another dynamic pose. It's rare to get a Misato figure (cheap), and so well done too.
Rei from Onsen Time Series.

I like this pose very much. I don't particularly care about the other two figures in the series.

I didn't really want to get the other two figures, but had to because they were sold in sets of three (the individual figures had sold out).
Rei from Party Time Figure Collection. I got this for the dress.

I almost missed this set because I pre-ordered from Hobby Search several months ago and my credit card has expired when the figures were released! My order was cancelled as a result (I didn't see the email they sent me to update my credit card info).

The good news is that I was still able to find this set locally for just S$56; Hobby Search's price is 2736 yen (before shipping). The bad news is the other set which I ordered, the Pajamas Time series, is out of stock everywhere.

It doesn't matter to me if I missed the other two figures, but at least they didn't repel me like the Onsen series.
Maya. It's good to have other characters once in a while!

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