YouTube Links

YouTube Links does two things. It tags every video links on YouTube so that they can be downloaded easily. On the watch page, it also shows all the video formats available at the top of the page.

(YouTube Links is a user script. You might want to read this first: what is a user script?)

The look-n-feel resembles YouTube HD Suite. I have been using it for a long time and like how it works. After YouTube changed its page format on 3rd August 2011, I looked at the code and helped to fix it. This script is written from scratch, though.

Tested on Firefox 5.0 (with Greasemonkey), Chrome 13, Opera 11.50 and Safari 5.1.7 (with NinjaKit). Not tested on IE. It won't work on IE 7.

The script on click to install. (Note: on some browsers, you may need to save the script in a specific folder.)

Notable features



Version 1.32

Jan 2013

Version 1.31

Jan 2013

Version 1.30

Oct 2012

Version 1.23

Oct 2012

Version 1.22

Sep 2012

Version 1.21

Sep 2011

Version 1.2

Sep 2011

Version 1.1

Aug 2011

Version 1.01

Aug 2011


Found Fixed Description
1.22 1.23 Forgot to change version from 1.21 to 1.22! Changed to 1.23.
1.2 1.21 New version changes is shown as "undefined" if not present.
1.2 1.21 Video formats tooltip is positioned wrongly in Chrome if page is scrolled.
1.1 1.2 The list of video formats when hover over a video link may be clipped, depending on the page layout.
1.1 1.2 The list of video formats when hover over a video link may wrap in the user's channel page.
1.0 1.01 Font color is incorrect in playlists. This is because the page's CSS has higher specificity.
1.0 1.01 New video links on the page are not tagged if they are loaded using Ajax.
1.0 1.01 New version is displayed incorrectly — 1.01 will be shown as 1.0!
1.0 1.01 Encoded HTML entities & and " are not handled properly in titles.
1.0 1.01 URL to update script is specified wrongly — 1.0 users will not see the update!
1.0 1.23 Check for update does not work in Chrome! Fixed, but Chrome 21 onwards does not allow direct installation of user scripts.