nhy's Talisman House Rules

First created on 9th Nov 2005.


The following are covered by individual character rules, but they are still worth repeating.





Combat Rules


Radical Changes


Introduce quests to to give Talisman less of a random enounter feel.

The problem with quests is that a player may find it hard to land on specifc places or draw the specified cards. Thus, it can take a long time to complete a quest. To solve this, we introduce open (non-player specific) quests. Players landing on designated places may draw a card from a newly created quest deck. Any players who fulfill the requirements may proceed to the place for their reward. They may do this even if they fulfilled the requirements before the card was drawn.

Quests are available at Castle, City, markets, Tavern, Temple and Village; basically where people gather. There is no need for separate Quest Master adventure cards.

Open quests are left on the square. They do not count as encounter cards.

The card is discarded when a player claims the reward. The cards are subjected to events or spells affecting face-up cards. Otherwise they are left on the board until claimed.

The player must take some proof back to the originating place to claim his reward. The proof may be stolen or lost in combat.

Kill A Specific Enemy Quest

After you kill the enemy, you get an enemy-heart token (specific to that enemy) to bring back to the city as proof. The token counts as an object. It may be stolen or lost in combat.

Dragon Quest

The very common dragon quest in fantasy games. Dragons are always a menace, so there is always a reward for killing dragons. There is no quest card for this.

Assuming you don't have the Dragons expansion pack, dragons are not all that common, so the rewards can be higher.

Do A Deed Quest

Do or get something and bring it back to the originating place to claim your reward.

Delivery Quest

Deliver an object to a specified place and claim your reward there. As always, the object may be lost in combat or stolen.

The quest card is moved to the destination.

Double Delivery Quest

Deliver an object to a specified place, get another object in its place and go back to the originating place to claim your reward.


Reward for open quests is usually very little: 1 attribute, 1 gold, 1 spell or based on die-roll.

Player Specific Quests

This is a variant of open quests.

You take the quest card. Some quests are private. Others are open, so you leave them open. Quest cards count as objects. You may have any number of quest cards.

You may choose not to take up the quest. The card goes to the discard pile.

Once accepted, you may not discard the quest card at will, but it can be lost due to spells, events or encounters.

In some cases, you may be given an object to aid you on your quest. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Every time you're back at the place, you need to roll a die. 1 = give up quest/object, 2-3 = give up quest/object or give one gold, 4-6 = safe. This happens as long as you have the quest card. If the object is taken by another player, you need to get it back or replace it.

If the object enters the discard pile, you need to pay up to 3 golds immediately.

In addition to the normal reward, you usually get to keep the object on completion of the quest.

Player Specific Delivery Quest

Pick a random object from the Purchase deck. (Point to any card, roll a die and pick n-card [either direction] from it.)

Deliver it to the destination with the quest card for your reward. The recipient recognizes the quest card, not the object.

You may accept the quest and not deliver the object, but so long you have the quest card, you'll need to roll a die at the destination. 1-2 = give object or one gold, 3-4 = give one gold, 5-6 = safe.

City Expansion

The city has grown bigger and more crowded. It is now slower to navigate the streets and the Watch only strictly keeps the law-and-order.

Dungeon Expansion

Timescape Expansion

Never played with it. No comments.

Dragons Expansion

Never played with it. No comments. (Never even seen it.)