The New Rush Hour

First created on Dec 2005.
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This page is reverse engineered from the original Rush Hour page. What's impressive is that it's written in Javascript! There are many versions in the Rush Hour main page, but they are written in Java or Flash. I immediately took apart the code to see how it works. I've always wanted to learn about event handling, and this is a big motivation!

While the graphics is nice, unfortunately the code is not. I've rewritten the code from ground up to use the DOM methods. This makes it possible to run in FireFox 1.0.7 and Opera 8.50. The italics is justifiable because most people just code for the big two. Making it work in Opera is a good test that it should work in all modern IE-compatible browsers. I don't have Safari to test, but it should work if it supports the basic DOM functions.

The code, while better structured, can be improved. I didn't make full use of Javascript handling of objects. There is some hardcoding and several unnecessary global variables. There is also browser sniffing and one place I used innerHTML because I don't know how to get it to work otherwise. Also, there is some legacy event handling left over.

The images are copied wholesale from the website. I haven't ask for permission to use them yet (most likely it won't be given). The puzzles are also taken from several places. If you stumbled onto this page, by accident or not, please keep these in mind and do not post this link in a public forum.

Please enable Javascript for this functionality.

Please enable Javascript for this functionality.

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