Legend of the Prince

Legend of the Prince is a pretty short RPG. I completed the game in about 4 days following the walkthrough. Of course, I cheated by editing the characters' levels so that I could win the battles easily. That made it into a pure adventure game.

Legend of the Prince is the literal translation from its Chinese name, Wang2 zi3 chuan2 qi2. However, the official (?) English name is Romancing Prince.
Runs at a lowly 320x200 res. It was quite pretty for its time.

The game will crash if I switch focus out of DOSBox. I wonder if it is a DOSBox bug or a game bug.

There is also no sound effect.

The inventory screen.
The battle screen. It is turn-based.

You don't encounter enemies in towns and on the main paths.

A rare cut scene.
You get your full complement of crew towards 3/4 mark of the game.
You are allowed to explore the entire map. All the items are also available right from the start — just that you cannot afford them yet.
I prefer to fight than use magic.
You cannot see into the house from outside.
The roof cuts away automatically when you enter the house.
Once you pass this treasure to the person seeking it, you are forced to go to the palace to face your final enemy. Thus, equip before completing this quest.
What you need to equip to survive the final battle.

You need extremely good defense, magic spells and some magic potions.

Your opponents in the final battle.

I have good memories of the game. However, I don't really enjoy it now. I believe it is due to the lack of sound and the cumbersome battle system. (I don't want to fight; I just want to advance the plot.)