Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar is a hentai RPG. However, it is still pretty enjoyable even without the hentai elements.

(If you don't know what is hentai, my advice is not to play this game!)

Knights of Xentar is of decent length. I completed the game in a week following the walkthrough.

It must have been a decade since my last play!

A note on leveling up

It is necessary to level up a few times in the game. Luckily, it's quite easy to do so.

In town.

Town is where you get information, rest, upgrade your weapon/armour and stock up.

The Inn is always very close to the entrance. You'll appreciate this when you are trying to level up.

In the countryside.

The countryside is never safe, so you'll encounter random battles.

Battle screen.

Battles are very simple affairs.

Your first companian, Rolf. You get him at 20% of the game.
Your second companian, Luna. You get her much later, at around 50% of the game.
Battles get much easier once you get Luna. It is essential to upgrade her magic to attack all enemies simultaneously.
After you defeated the final boss.

(void *) &NHY;