Cobra Mission

Cobra Mission is a hentai RPG. I got to know of it after I played Knights of Xentar, as both were by MegaTech.

(If you don't know what is hentai, my advice is not to play this game!)

Cobra Mission is a very short game. I completed the game in about 1-1/2 days following the walkthrough.

It must have been a decade since my last play!

What I like about Cobra Mission is its simplicity. It is a simple adventure game at its core if there's no battle.



West Cobra:

South Cobra:

East Cobra:

You can take a look at various maps.

A note on leveling up

It is possible to survive Central, West and South Cobra without a gun. I only needed it to deal with the Dark Knights.

Battles are pretty simple and easy. I did not use the one-off items at all.

The best thing about the game is that the simple act of walking heals you!

The opening title screen. Very noir.
The main screen.

The 7x5 map gives a very low-res console feeling. It would look much better with a 14x10 map.

The prettiest enemy in Central Cobra.

Don't be distracted, or she'll steal your money.

Note that there is no pretty enemy in West Cobra.

The prettiest enemy in South Cobra.

Pretty lethal if she hits (40+ damage). Fortunately she's easy to kill due to her low HP.

The prettiest enemy in East Cobra.

Pretty hard to damage. However, all enemies at this point in time are no match for JR and Faythe.

The prettiest enemy — and the weakest — in Kaiser's Castle.
The toughest non-boss enemy if you don't use the M10 revolver.

Found in Fist's Base only. There will be at least 14 Dark Knights.

Originally, I thought the M10 ammo was $300/shot, but later I found that it was $300 for a box of 6 rounds.

You need 2 to 3 shots to kill each Dark Knight.

A bar girl in West Cobra.

That's what she'll tell you when Faythe is with you.

A good way to pass time when Faythe is learning dowzing.

A bar girl in South Cobra.

A good way to pass time when Faythe is upgrading her dowzing skill.

You'll get to save Steffie from Central Cobra's boss. She's then a phone call away.
After that, you'll get to save Yvonne from West Cobra's boss. She's then a phone call away.
Melissa is a phone call away after you beat South Cobra's boss.
Donna is a phone call away after you free her from her research lab in East Cobra.
The receptionist at Atlas Construction. No development.
The mayor's daughter. No development.
The "sleeping pill" thief. She puts you in an erotic dream while she robs you. Good thing you didn't fall into her trap, or did you?
A trap in Kaiser's Castle. If you see this, it's game over. But enjoy the moment while it lasts.
The final big boss, Kaiser.
After both of you made it out of the castle.

Everything after the last fight is automated. You can't save to view the ending more easily.

Given the heroes' welcome.
And a happy ending.
You'll get this if both of you are killed in a battle.

If only one is "killed", he/she will have 1 HP at the end of the battle and will not gain the XP. Use Vitamin++ to revive 50 HP during the battle. (Half of normal effect.)

You'll get this screen as well if you are run over by the train.

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