A Baker's Apprentice: lunch

It starts with lunch.

Venue is okay, but food is just so-so. Well, budget constraints.

Last eAwards for the year. But it comes with strings attached...
Lixin asks Krishnan to empty his pockets and gives him two options: to jump into the pool or return his eAward.
After contemplating on the undesirability of both options, Krishnan decides to say no to both.
Leong Kim declines to first pass the fruits around the table. Where's the team spirit? :lol:
There is still plenty of time, so it's time for a game: a game of common traits among the table-mates.
And these are the two lists.

I'm rather surprised on one table, they are all 31 years old or younger! Wow.

(But that's fine. After all, I'm only 24 myself. ;-))

Time to pay the bill. This is always a difficult time, especially when the boss just realized he did not bring enough money. :-O
Krishnan in a race against the car. Praveen is the linesman and Milmar is wondering if he placed the right bet.
Our true destination. We are attending school once again!
Refreshments first. Mouth-watering chocolate cakes.
And irresistible sandwiches.

Can you believe that these people just had their lunch?

A close-up of a slice of the chocolate cake. The top feels like chocolate ice-cream and the bottom is a crunchy biscuit.
Eng Hua and Khine showing off their accreditations.

I'm not impressed! :-D


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