A Baker's Apprentice: baking

A view of the premise. Very clean, bright and white.
The first thing to do is to put on the apron and the chef hat. Instant chefs!
We picked one of the most time-consuming cakes: Kueh Lapis.

It isn't that complicated, but it takes time because each layer must be baked individually.

The ingredients.

Condensed milk.. sugar.. you can tell it's going to be sweet!

All ready to start!
The first thing is to mix the milk, the salt and butter, from slow to high speed. We also need to scrap it off the side from time to time.
It is done when the mixture is whitish. Scrap it out...
... wash the pot, go on to the next step, which is to mix the sugar and the egg yolks.
Got to use a different head.
Add in the butter mixture slowly.
Add the flour slowly. (I think this is to the egg white mixture?)
The last step is to stir the two mixtures by hand. This is hard work!
And finally, pouring the first layer...
... and baking it. The first layer is baked at a different temperature.
The Chef demonstrates.

The mirror on top actually gives a bird's eye view. I didn't realize that until the end of the class. See all the guys standing there? They didn't realize either. :-P

And the first layer is done! (This is a little under-baked, actually.)

We then need to wrap the container in aluminium foil.

Sometimes bubbles appear, you got to pop it.
Spreading a layer evenly with a Chinese soup spoon. The layer will turn oily due to the heat from the previous layer.
And "dropping" the container to make the surface even and to let the new layer fill up any holes in the previous layers.
From the second layer onwards, we need to put the container on a tray of water in the oven.

Prasad is checking if the water needs to be topped up for his tray.

Once we start baking the layers, it's a matter of waiting 5-8 minutes per layer. There's nothing to do...
... barring an industrial accident...

(Luckily it's only flour.)

... so, time to clean up...
... or take the test!
Each group is given 10 mystery ingredients to identify.
The model answer. Technically, "flour" is the right answer for 1-3.
The group with the most correct answers — 5/10! — get an apron each as their prize.
The Chef shows off one of her creations.
After a really long time, we are done with all the layers!

Praveen and I started slow, but we finished first. We shall not reveal our secret! :devil:

Cut the edges, flip the container over and remove it...

... then peel off the paper...
... and cut it.

Or, play Ticket-to-Ride! (Suggested by Eng Hua.)

This is actually the bottom. We need to flip it one more time. The top looks more polished.

Last refreshments before going off.

The lesson was supposed to end at 4pm, but we ended at 6:30pm!

(We just poured the first layer around 3:30pm...)


Camera: Sony TX5