Very Important Notes



Like New Item is unused or untouched.
Excellent Item is used, but it is still as good as day one.
Good Still very presentable.
Fair Looks used.
Damaged Damaged, but still usable.

There are no other ratings.

Local Buyers

For buyers in Singapore, we'll arrange a meetup. You can arrange a meetup to preview the item first. But first have a level of confidence about buying to avoid unnecessary time wasting for both of us. (If you just want to see what the item looks like in person, that's fine too, but let me know beforehand that's the case.)

Payment is by cash or bank funds transfer.

There is no delivery charge.

Overseas Buyers

For overseas buyers, I accept PayPal. You pay for the packaging, shipping, insurance and PayPal surcharge. Insurance is compulsary except for trusted parties. I'll try my best to minimize the shipping charges.


Packaging S$1.50 for a padded letter. S$2.50 to S$5 for parcels.
Shipping Get an estimate using our post office's postage calculator. (Let me know if the link is broken.) It is expensive to ship to the US. Surface mail (6 to 8 weeks) makes the most sense.
Insurance Add another couple of dollars.
PayPal Surcharge 3% of the total price, including shipping. I'm creating a new personal PayPal account, so if you're paying from a non-credit card source, you will not need to pay this surcharge.

Additional Notes

There is no refund, so please clear all your doubts before buying. I'll try to make sure my description is as complete and accurate as possible.

Requests for additional photos are welcome. It may take a few days because some items are not on hand (they are stored away).

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