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Like Slayers, the R2 DVD version of Slayers Next is way below expectation, regardless of its price (4300 yen in Jun 2003; ~US$36 for 4 episodes). Unfortunately, I bought two discs (together with one disc of Slayers). It was released in Oct 1999. Next time, I will be wary of DVD releases before the year 2001.

The R1 version has no chapter stops, which is rather inconvenient when you want to skip the opening song.

Category R2 R1
Bitrate ~9.7 Mbps 6.37 Mbps
Language tracks Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0, 384 kbps) English (Dolby Digital 2.0, 192 kbps)
Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0, 192 kbps)
Subtitles None English
Others Interlaced (analog telecine); soft; slight EE Interlaced (analog telecine); soft; slight EE

Time R1 DVD R2 DVD
ep 1, 0:15:21 Lina, the thief. :-)

The R1 is very slightly softer.

ep 1, 0:20:03 Lina fires off her Dragon Slave.

No artifacts.

ep 2, 0:32:28 Lina and gang discussing whether Xellos is trustworthy; interrupted by Xellos.
ep 2, 0:42:10 You don't want to upset Zelagdis.

No motion artifacting. The R2 is marginally better.

ep 2, 0:42:55
ep 2, 0:43:51 Our heroes after a hard day.

PowerDVD 4.0 is used; no hardware acceleration; original video profile. Bob mode is used. No resizing or sharpening is done. They are converted from BMP to JPEG (quality 9) using Photoshop 6.0.