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Note: the images are over 1 MB in total.

This is where I show off my pencil boards! :-)

I have very few boards because I'm very selective. I generally like older series; they are harder to find, and are more expensive due to their scarcity. Even then, I only buy the ones that I really like.

I have listed some boards that I'm looking for. Please don't let me find them on eBay. ;-)

All the images are properties of their respective copyright owners. Board codes are taken from You can find other details there (such as the producers) as well.

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Non-Pencil Boards

Macross Macross File
You Are Under Arrest! YUA Postcard


Sumo Brothers Freebie from one of the sellers!
Samurai Deeper Kyo Samurai Deeper Kyo Freebie from another seller!

Wanted Boards

Click here.

Technical Notes

Most pencil boards are scanned at 150 dpi with de-screening, using a HP ScanJet 8200 flatbed scanner. This makes the B5-sized pencil boards 1070 x 1520 pixels. Some are slightly smaller at 1070 x 1470 pixels. Some are scanned at 200 dpi (with de-screening), making them 1420 x 2020 pixels. 1

Files are bigger; postcards smaller. But they are all sized to the same size, 422 x 600 pixels. USM is applied (50%, 1.2 pixels, 3 pixel threshold), and saved as JPEG, quality 8. Thumbnails are 176 x 250 pixels.

Some boards are tilted very slightly, but it is negligible.

1 I haven't decided to use 150 or 200 dpi for future scans. One of my intentions was to print A3-sized posters from these boards. 150 dpi may not cut it. 200 dpi, however, takes much longer to scan and gives much bigger files. 300 dpi is out because descreening doesn't work very well.

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