Mospeada: Aisha

This page is all about Aisha! Aisha is a very special character because she started out without any memories. It is interesting to see her growth as a character.

Note that I used the character names from the Wiki, rather than the DVD. Stick sounds more likely than Stig!

Episode 10: Requiem of the Battlefield

Aisha was part of Stick's motley crew of freedom fighters, but she first appeared only in this episode and remained a minor character for most part.

Ray and Houquet went scouting to get away from the moody Stick. They found a deserted town nearby and, upon exploration, Ray found the naked Aisha in one house.

In an earlier scene, we saw a group of Inbit transporting a container and something dropped out of it. The Inbits were searching for their lost "goods" in the town and hid when they saw Ray and Houquet.

The "goods" was none other than Aisha.

Ray and Houquet took Aisha back to the group. The Gurabs (purple mechas) wanted to fire upon the two as they rode back, but the Iigaa (red mecha, usually a scout), seemingly the leader, stopped them. Originally, I thought the Inbits did not attack because of Aisha. However, most likely they wanted to trace the group back to their main force. All Inbits, other than the most highly evolved Gosu, did not seem to recognize Aisha.

It is commonly believed that Aisha was sent to spy on Stick's group. This is no doubt influenced by Robotech. This is not the case at all in Mospeada.

Aisha was the first successful Inbit humanoid as we knew it. It was obvious that she was accidentally dropped rather than deliberately placed. The Inbit had no reason to be interested in Stick's group at this point. Their only high profile case was that they destroyed the (abandoned?) Genesis Pit. Even when they went on to higher profile sabotage against the Inbit, the Refles (the Queen of Inbit) did not know of them until The Dark Finale (ep 24) — she simply had more important things on her plate.

It is interesting to note that Houquet was wearing a jacket in this episode — and only this episode — so that she could pass it to the naked Aisha. That jacket became Aisha's from this point onwards. When Houquet transported Aisha back to the base, Aisha was wearing just the jacket.

When Stick first saw Aisha, he was somewhat stunned. Robotech made Aisha a clone of Marlene, Stick's dead fiancee. Again, this was not true at all in Mospeada. Stick thought of Marlene from time to time, but he never confused Aisha with Marlene. He also never proposed using the name Marlene for Aisha.

The Inbits wasted no time attacking Stick's group, so obviously they must have followed Ray and Houquet back. Aisha was no talisman against the Inbit.

Here, we were introduced to Aisha's "special power" — her ability to hear the Inbit; it gave her a severe headache.

Episode 11: Lullaby of Distant Hope

It was only in the this episode when the group stopped over in a town and sat down to have a meal that they gave Aisha her name. The group was wondering how to earn enough money to buy the map to get over the mountain. Houquet was envious of Aisha because she was free from worries. Stick said she was like a queen. As everyone looked at Aisha's carefree face, Ray reminded the group that Aisha did not have a name yet. Lancer then proposed using Aisha, saying it meant queen in some language. The name was accepted by the group.

Later, when the team had rescued Mint and were fleeing from the mountain, Aisha could hear and understand the Inbits' communication. She was never able to do that again. At that time, she was being pillioned by Yellow.

This was the extent of Aisha's involvement in this episode.

Episode 12: Fortress Siege Boogie

Aisha had a pretty hard time here. Stick's group had to break through an Inbit fortress. The nearer they got to it, the worse Aisha got. She had to lie down most of the time.

When Ray cut down a tree and everyone ran for cover, you could see Yellow shielding Aisha.

Aisha had a severe headache when Ray blew up the HBT sensing radar. It was described as the brain in Robotech, but it was just a radar in Mospeada.

Interestingly, Aisha was not shown to have severe headache when Stick destroyed the real "brain" later nor when the fortress blew up. I thought Aisha should have the mother-of-all-headache here.

Later, when the group was taking a break, the guys wondered why Aisha could hear the "voices". The girls were playing with water. When they asked Aisha to join, she just stripped naked and jumped in. She was still very child-like at this point.

Episode 13: Sandstorm Playback

The group was hiding from the Inbits, who were presumably chasing them since their last adventure. They were currently hiding in a cave, taking shelter from a sandstorm at the same time.

I always felt this episode was out of order. We first saw a Gamo (green mecha, usually a squadron leader) here, but we only saw a Gurab promoted to a Gamo in the next episode. Another clue was that the group remarked on the Gamo on being different near the end of the next episode. How could it be if they had seen it before in this episode?

It was possible they had not seen the Gamo because of the sandstorm. But it had been chasing them for some time. Anyway, this was a minor detail.

Aisha was lying down with a severe headache. Ray left the cave to find more cactus, but fell down and had an episode-long dream.

Ray and Aisha were the stars of his dream. It was mentioned online that it was originally planned to have Stick, Ray and Yellow fight over Aisha. I don't see how it could be done. Ray was never interested in Aisha. The only time he spent a lot of time with her was in this episode, in his dream. Yellow, on the other hand, spent much more time with Aisha than Stick. Still, Yellow was not attracted to Aisha.

Who did Aisha like? Well, you'll find out later.

Episode 14: Mint's Wedding March

Aisha was not featured in this episode at all. Well, she showed up, that's all she did.

Episode 15: Breaking Up Ballad

Stick and gang were just twenty kilometers away from the coast. They were taking a break in an abandoned city. Unknown to them, they were still pursued by a squadron of Inbit.

Here, we could see that Stick and Yellow noticed the Inbits attacking before Aisha got her headache. This implied that Aisha could only detect extremely short range Inbit communication. The range was inconsistent from episode to episode. Stick and Yellow were attacked in less than ten seconds.

We start to see Aisha starting to talk here. Even so, she barely had any dialogue.

At the end of the episode, Aisha decided to follow Stick when the group were splitting up; Ray and Houquet were going back. I wouldn't read too much into this, though.

Episode 16: Trap Reggae

The episode started with the transformation of two Gamos into Gosus and two humanoid Inbits. They were sent to defend the southern tip of North America for their first assignment.

One of the Gosu pilots, Sorji, was attracted to Yellow.

Stick was dragged into the ocean by Ray, and when he had enough of it very soon, not being used to it, he sat beside Aisha and accidentally brushed against her limbs. Aisha was embarassed. Ray and Houquet were surprised and were happy that Aisha now knew modesty — this was a sign that she was recovering. I thought Aisha's reaction was too exaggerated. If Stick had brushed against her breast, her reaction would have been more believeable.

Anyway, Aisha had a headache the next instant because a group of Inbits, led by Batra and Sorji, was approaching.

Later, when Sorji wanted to attack the ship Yellow was piloting, she hesitated when she saw Yellow. She did not see Aisha because Aisha was cowering in fear together with Jim and Mint.

Episode 17: White Night Serenade

Stick's group was relaxing by a campfire when Aisha had her trademark headache. Just one scene earlier, we could see Sorji going to a group of Gurabs. They had obviously been trailing Stick's group. Stick and friends immediately pointed their guns in all directions, but there was no sign of the Inbit. False alarm? Finally, Yellow sang a song for Aisha, which seemed to calm her.

Ray remarked to Stick that Yellow and Aisha looked good together, but Stick retorted it was none of his business. I supposed that was what Ray meant, because Houquet was with them. Was this supposed to be the start of the Yellow-Stick rivalry? Yellow spent a lot of time with Aisha in this and the next episode.

Aisha was not mistaken. The Inbits were hidden in the snow. Stick's group was surrounded and attacked just a short while later. They were totally caught off-guard and had to slide down a valley to get away from the Inbits. You could see Yellow grabbing Aisha's hand and both of them slided down the valley.

After a while, Stick's group finally managed regroup and fire back. Aisha was in tears and asked why the two sides fight.

The battle caused a avalanche. Everyone broke up and ran in different directions. Aisha must have fell, because we heard her scream. Stick stopped and ran back for her, but Yellow reached her first. He then carried her away.

The next time we saw Aisha, she and Yellow were still running away from the Gurab that was chasing them — and they were holding hands. They jumped across a rift but they did not make it to the other side. Luckily they fell on a declining cliff feature. Their troubles were not over, though. Sorji was waiting for them.

Sorji alighted from her mecha and confronted Yellow. Aisha was hiding behind Yellow, so Sorji did not see her at first. Later, Yellow asked Sorji to spare Aisha, that was when Sorji first saw Aisha. Both of them had a flashback and were shocked. Aisha realized her real identity.

Before anything else could happen, Sorji was fired upon by the rest of Stick's group and a fierce exchange of fire took place. She fell into the ravine after the cliff gave way as Stick's group fired repeatedly at it. The battle was over.

Ray wondered why the Inbit did not fire on Yellow and Aisha immediately. Yellow suddenly recalled the scene and stared at Aisha, but Aisha was lost in thoughts.

Aisha later refused to accept Yellow's hand and walked apart from the group. She didn't look happy at all on the jeep and Yellow was looking at her all the time as he followed behind on his Mospeada.

Episode 18: Old Soldiers' Polka

When we first saw Aisha in this episode, she was helping Houquet and Jim cover up the Legioss fighters. Yellow was looking on and recalling his previous encounter with Sorji and came to the alarming realization that Aisha was an Inbit! His thoughts were interrupted by Aisha's headache.

Until Brunet's Partita (episode 23), there's no reason for Yellow or anyone to suspect that there was Inbit humanoid, so most likely they thought humans were working for Inbit.

Yellow asked Aisha along to scout out the Inbit relay towers despite Jim's and Houquet's protests. Aisha agreed to go along as she wanted to be useful.

Once again, Aisha spent more time alone with Yellow. Now it became clear why Yellow asked Aisha along: he tried to probe her past, but she asked him back the same question and gave such an innocent smile that Yellow believed she was honest.

Aisha was starting to have more and more dialogue...

Later, Yellow and Aisha met two ex-soldier bandits, Franky and Russ, and followed them back to their base, a Garfish.

One of the soldiers, Darjeeling, seemed to like Aisha and made her some soup. This seemed to make the other soldiers treat Yellow and Aisha as friends, not just customers. They invited the couple for a farewell drink, as the soldiers knew going to Reflex Point was a one-way trip.

The soldiers played a card game while Yellow and Aisha looked on. While Yellow was pondering on the soldiers' fate, Aisha had a headache. Yellow asked the soldiers if there were a Inbit relay tower nearby. Bad move. The soldiers became suspicious that Aisha was an ally of the Inbit and wanted to kill her. It was clear the soldiers had no love for Inbit. Yellow tried to explain why Aisha could hear the sound, but the soldiers were not convinced. Finally, Yellow kissed Aisha and she became calm. The soldiers were astonished by Yellow's action and decided to let the matter rest.

Interestingly, when the Garfish blew up the Inbit relay tower, Aisha just looked on with sorrow, but she did not have a headache.

Episode 19: Ice City Forte

This was the first episode Stick and Aisha spent time alone. Stick was staring at a wedding dress and was thinking of Marlene when Aisha interrupted him and asked him if he weren't going to tour the city. Stick then realized they needed a time-out and offered to bring Aisha around. Just nice, Aisha slipped on the ground and Stick offered to find a pair of shoes for her. Aisha remarked Stick was warm. There were already previous hints that Aisha showed concern for Stick.

Where was Yellow? He was helping Jim repair one of the Legioss that was damaged in an earlier fall.

A long musicial of Stick with Aisha followed. It climaxed with Stick kissing Aisha. Aisha closed her eyes and Stick moved in slowly. It wasn't shown whether they kissed — I suspect not — and it was interrupted by Aisha's signature headache. The Inbits, two Gamos led by Batra's Gosu, were still outside the city, so the group had ample advance warning.

The next time we saw Aisha, she was on Jim's jeep already. Jim did a drive-pass attack on Batra's Gosu to save Stick, but Batra fired at the jeep and caused Mint to drop her dress on the ground. Aisha jumped out of the jeep to retrieve it.

It was a reckless action. Jim stopped his jeep immediately. Stick was also looking on as Batra closed onto Aisha. Batra aimed his gun at Aisha, but he hesitated. Stick then fired a bunch of missiles to blow away the Gosu's gun. Batra then chased after Stick. Aisha was safe.

As the group flew away, Stick recalled the scene where Batra did not fire on Aisha. He was shocked when he realized that Aisha could be an Inbit.

Episode 20: Birthday Song In The Night Sky

Aisha kept Mint company as the rest of the group prepared for Mint's surprise birthday party.

After the party, Aisha and Houquet were clearing the tables as Stick looked at them from outside. He was clearly observing Aisha. Yellow asked him if something was wrong. Stick denied it. Yellow then asked him if he was worried about Aisha. Stick decided to be frank and asked if Yellow noticed anything about Aisha. Yellow replied that Aisha was an innocent girl and gave the standard answer that Aisha lost her memories after an Inbit attack. Yellow said he believed this. Stick did not seem satisfied with this answer.

Later, the three girls had a bath together. They also had "the girls' talk". Aisha wondered aloud if she should be with them because she could be a Inbit. She did not complete her sentence, though. Houquet assured her they were the same. This dialogue sounded strange. I suspect the subtitles did not give the full meaning here.

The bath was interrupted when Aisha sensed that the Inbits were coming. She did not have a headache this time.

Episode 21: Arpeggio of a Killer

Aisha had little part in this episode as this was mainly Houquet's story.

Early on, Stick asked the leader of the local soldiers' faction if Rainy Boy, the soldier-killer, was a human form of the Inbit. The leader replied negatively. This implied that people — at least soldiers — knew there were Inbits in humanoid form.

Aisha tried to give Houquet some advice in the middle of the episode as Houquet wondered what to do. It revealed more of Houquet's character than Aisha's. However, we could see that Aisha could sense her friends were troubled. At first I thought Ray told Aisha about Rainy Boy, but it was clear from their conversation that Aisha did not know the details; she just wanted Houquet to share her troubles with the rest of the group.

Just a sidenote, in Robotech, Rainy Boy was a captured soldier whose friends did not try to save him, that was why he was so angry and tried to hunted them down. In Mospeada, it was simply a bargain to get his original body back.

Episode 22: NY Bebop

This episode initally focused on Yellow.

In the middle of the episode, Sorji and Batra had an argument. Batra left to administer his brand of "evolution". Sorji called out for Yellow, although it wasn't shown how she knew his name. She then remembered Aisha and wondered why she was with humans.

Aisha had a headache the instant Batra opened fire. It was then shown that the group was a distance away from the city itself and a big portion of the city was already burning. This meant that Aisha got a delayed warning, which should not be the case.

And before Stick left to fight, he asked Aisha if she were well enough to join them. Aisha was visibly happy even though she was still shivering.

Stick, Houquet and Jim fought Batra, but were no match for him. Aisha could be seen short of breath in the TLead's hold.

Later, when Stick, Houquet and Jim found Yellow, they stopped to refill and get ready for the second round. Aisha only wished Stick well. She did not extend it to the rest of the group. Aisha was left in Jim's care. After seeing the fighters off, the two of them were presumably leaving for safer grounds when an explosion blew them apart.

Jim was knocked unconscious. Aisha then saw Sorji and called her name. It was not specified how Aisha knew Sorji's name. And how did Sorji know Aisha's name? It was given by the group, not the Inbit.

Sorji told Aisha that she was an Inbit. Aisha was too shocked to react. Previously she only suspected, now she knew it was true. Sorji wanted to know why the humans did not kill her. Aisha could only call out Stick's name and Sorji was mysterified. An explosion landed near them and Sorji left on her Gosu to join the battle — although we never see her fight. Aisha was still gripping with her identity when Jim, who missed the entire confrontation, finally came to.

The group left New York in high spirits. However, Aisha was not shown after her meeting with Sorji. It was not known if she got a headache when the Inbit base was destroyed. Presumably yes.

Episode 23: Brunet's Partita

This episode began with Refles proclaiming the human form was the most suitable for this planet. This could mean that she's creating more humanoid Inbits from this point onwards.

Stick and his group were resting when a fierce battle broke out nearby. Interestingly, Aisha did not suffer any headache here.

They arrived at the battle too late. They searched in vain for survivers. Suddenly, Aisha let out a scream. Was it Inbit? No, it was a Iigaa that fell over and spewing green fluid all over the place. Aisha jumped into Stick's embrace. Ray remarked the Iigaa was gross.

While Stick was arguing with Shinobu Takeuchi, the military photographer, Aisha informed him that the Inbits were coming. It seemed like she had it under control now — she no longer got a headache.

Just two scenes later, after Shinobu had shown the group updates of the Third Liberation Force, Aisha had her usual headache. A group of Inbits were approaching, led by a Gosu. The group hid behind a log and observed the Inbits. Aisha was the first to notice the Gosu was piloted by a human and could not stop herself from standing up and pointing it out. Stick quickly pulled her down.

Ray and Jim wondered why was a human giving orders to Inbits. Stick thought it was impossible.

When Stick volunteered to destroy the synchrotron cannon, Aisha was clearly upset and told Stick not to be reckless. It was clear Aisha showed open concern for Stick.

Later at night, when everyone were sleeping, except for Yellow, Aisha called out for Stick even in her sleep. Stick went over to reassure Aisha, but Aisha became unhappy when she saw the necklace Stick was wearing. Aisha asked if Stick could not forget the girl in it, but Stick denied it and said it gave him the strength to continue (fighting with the Inbit). Aisha told him it was okay and looked away.

First thing here. How convenient that Stick was wearing the necklace. Sure, he had it with him all the time, but he never wore it openly. Maybe he just took a look at it again, which meant he had not forgotten Marlene. Second, Aisha knew the contents, meaning she had seen it before, or that Ray had told her. Either case was possible, as the group had been together for so long. Third, it seemed like Stick was half-lying. Yes, the necklace gave him the strength to continue, but he also denied he could not forget Marlene. Aisha knew it was not true, that was why she said it was okay.

The following night was the group's fiercest fight ever. It was strange that Aisha went into the TLead's hold rather than follow Jim on his jeep. If she had done so, the outcome could have been different.

After destroying the synchrotron cannon, Ray piloted the TLead into battle with Aisha and Mint in the hold.

Shinobu was very excited when she saw the human piloting the Gosu and proceed to capture footage of him. Stick, on the other hand, was beside himself with rage and demanded an answer from the pilot why he was helping Inbit when he was human — as if the pilot could hear him.

Stick and the Gosu exchanged a barrage of missiles. Both avoided each other's missiles, but as Stick flew past Ray's TLead, some missiles hit the TLead. It was undamaged, but the two girls in the hold were badly shaken. Ray was pissed off — and that it was a human pilot — and chased after the Gosu recklessly — even Stick warned him not to be reckless. He fired at it and scored some critical hits, including to the cockpit.

You can see the Gosu using its arm to protect the cockpit, but it did not work against TLead's firepower.

The Gosu crashed and the pilot stumbled out. He was mortally wounded. Shinobu was nearby and she realized the pilot was a true Inbit by virtue of his green blood. An Iigaa fired at Shinobu and she was hit. Stick then shot it down and the battle was over.

The group gathered around Shinobu and the Inbit pilot. The Inbit pilot had died and his green blood had spewed on the ground. The group realized the truth: he was an Inbit, not a human fighting for Inbit.

Mint proclaimed it was scary that there was a human form of Inbit. Aisha was beside her and you could see Aisha bleeding on her left arm. It should be her right arm based on her seating position in the TLead.

It was then that Aisha realized her injury. She looked at it and gasped. Mint looked at her and followed her eyes to her injury. Mint then screamed and fell down in shock, drawing the group's attention.

Aisha herself went bersek, screaming and crying as she shook her head. The group looked at her, wondering how to take it in. Aisha was still crying as she looked at her injury. Stick went up and checked. It was indeed green. Stick was stunned.

With her eyes still filled with tears, Aisha turned around and ran away. Ray chased after her, but was stopped by Stick. The group looked on, probably still in shock.

Shinobu told Stick to accept the facts, but Stick told her the facts on the surface were not the whole truth. His reply was somewhat strange. He seemed to realize not all Inbit was bad.

The whole group was still visibly upset by the events. Yellow said it was a sad day as two of their friends left them today.

As Stick saluted Shinobu, a bunch of photos that she took earlier were blown away by a gust of wind. The last was a picture of Stick and Aisha in happier times.

In my opinion, Aisha's reaction was too strong. It was not as if she did not know she was an Inbit. She knew. Therefore, her reactions could only be that it was possible to tell apart humans and humanoid Inbit — she did not belong anymore.

Stick and Yellow already suspected Aisha, so it was only the rest who were genuinely stunned. Surprisingly, they were not shocked, more like resigned. Even Mint, after her shock, looked at Aisha with sympathy.

Episode 24: Darkness' Finale

This episode started with an all-out attack on Reflex Point by the survivors of the Second Liberation Force. Refles was observing the attack inside her giant hive. She gave the command to "erase" the invaders. We could see a battalion of Gosu waiting to go into battle.

When the door opened, we could see Aisha standing there. Her jacket had been mended — or she had a spare one. Batra was in the first Gosu and noticed her. Aisha tried to reason with Batra, but he would not listen and flew off, knocking her down. The next Gosu was Sorji's. Aisha tried to reason with Sorji too, but she also flew off.

After Ray and Houquet got rid of a particularly bothersome Gamo, Aisha appeared before them as an apparition in a burning flash of light. Jim and Mint saw it in their jeep as well. The light then beaconed them to follow it. Jim decided to take the chance and followed it.

Meanwhile, Stick and Yellow were fighting outside in their Legioss. After fighting a few Gosus, Stick saw Aisha floating beside his Legioss as an apparition. As Stick called out to her, Yellow heard him and was distracted. He was hit by a shot from a Gosu and his Legioss fell from the sky. At first I thought it was Batra, but it was just a generic green Gosu. If it were Batra, he would have seen what happened next.

Sorji saw it and stopped in her tracks. How did she know it was Yellow? It was a generic green Legioss. Sorji recalled her previous encounters with Yellow. She also recalled Aisha's words. She finally made up her mind and dived to rescue him. At this point, Yellow had already come to peace with dying.

Sorji's Gosu grabbed Yellow's Legioss just in time. Yellow was astonished and called her name. How did he know her name? I have no idea. Yellow's Legioss finally regained power and could hover on its own. At this point, Aisha's apparition appeared before them, including Stick, who was just in front of them — what a coincidence. Stick chased after Aisha. Yellow and Sorji followed him.

In the next scene, Batra received a report that Sorji rescued an enemy mecha. This of course infuriated Batra to no end. He chased after Sorji into the hive.

We then see Aisha still leading Ray and Houquet — it was quite a distance to the hive. Ray asked what the Inbit were doing on Earth. Aisha said they just wanted to live in peace.

It seemed like Aisha was talking to Stick and the rest simultaneously. She went on to talk about life energy and blah blah blah. Finally, everyone reached the hive. They entered a space tunnel-like place and continued on. Finally, all of them reached the core of the hive, seemingly by being teleported from the tunnel region to it. Everyone were surprised to see one another. They then realized Aisha guided all of them in. Interestingly, Sorji was not with them.

The group were then treated to a short history of Inbit before they came to Earth by Refles herself, no less! Refles said it was necessary to erase those who threatened them. Aisha interrupted her and said it was not true. Aisha said there were many humans with "heart of light". She used her encounter as an example.

Aisha attempted to get the group to support her, but Stick and Jim were too angry with the Inbits to side with her. At this point, Batra was still on his way in and wondered why Refles was still hesitating.

Aisha tried to appeal further to the group. She then told Refles that Inbits and humans should try to understand each other. Refles said Aisha only saw the good side. Ray interrupted her and said while he did not understand the stuff about light and shadow, they treated Aisha as a human. For his contribution, he got blasted by Refles. Refles said there was much more dark side to humans. Sorji finally teleported in and joined in the debate. Refles was surprised to hear Sorji taking the human's side and closed her eyes to think.

Batra then joined in via video-conferencing. He demanded Sorji remove the humans, but Sorji said he did not have the authority to command her. They continued to argue. Finally, Yellow said fighting was the source of evil, but Batra said he would kill anyone who did not fight and signed out. Stick then declared he would defeat Batra and flew off in his Legioss. Interestingly, he assumed the first opening he saw was the exit.

Stick met Batra in the space-tunnel and they started fighting. They soon flew out of the hive and had a fierce dog-fight in the "garden" while the rest of the group looked on via a holo-screen. Ray said Stick was in danger and wanted to end Stick's and Batra's senseless battle. Houquet agreed and they were about to leave when the holo-screen was interrupted with a high priority transmission. Refles proclaimed that the humans were back to take back Earth and the screen showed the Third Liberation Force approaching Earth.

The episode ended with Yellow saying it was ironic, when they were trying to end the fight peacefully.

Episode 25: Symphony of the Light

The episode started with a continuous stream of Iigaas moving out of Reflex Point to battlefields elsewhere. The focus quickly switched to the Stick vs Batra battle. After a brief battle, Batra gained the upper hand and shot Stick down.

As Batra battled the next few Legioss that appeared, Aisha ran towards Stick's crashed Legioss. Stick's Legioss was in robot mode when he was shot down, but it was in guardian mode in this scene.

How did Aisha reach Stick so quickly? Considering she could appear as a apparition in the previous episode, it would not be surprising if she could teleport in this episode.

The scene then shifted to the battle in space. The humans had not made it past Inbit's space defense line. However, it could be seen that the Inbit had a harder time than in episode one. After enquiring that the ground forces of the Second Liberation Force had not fared well at Reflex Point, he ordered the electrically charged particle missiles be prepared for the worst case. The next scene showed four dark Legiosses being launched, but it was an independent event. (At first I thought the dark Legiosses were carrying the missiles.)

In the hive, Sorji, Yellow, Jim and Mint were observing the battle. Ray and Houquet must have left to join Stick. Jim was now in his civilian clothes — why did he change out of his Mospeada armour? There was a giant multi-paneled dome — where did it come from? Panels were going dark at an alarming rate, much to Sorji's dismay. Yellow observed that every time the Inbit got pushed back, a panel went off. Refles had to order her reserve force, the 4th Guard Unit, into battle, showing that the Inbits were hit hard.

Yellow realized if the battle continued, all life could vanish from Earth. Refles was confident the Inbit would be triumphant, although Mint claimed the Inbit was losing. Jim then asked didn't Refles want to avoid fighting in the first place? (Did she ever made such a claim?) Sorji then chipped in to say that she was not sure the Inbit would win, judging from the humans' determination. Yellow asked Refles to consider leaving Earth. Refles went deep into thought.

Stick was now leaning against a tree and tendered on by Aisha. Did she carry him here from the cockpit? She sure was strong! Stick gained consciousness and was surprised to see Aisha. Aisha was relieved to see Stick was alright. Stick wanted to stand up and get back to the battle, but he had suffered some injuries. Aisha wanted him to stay with her, but Stick said he hated the Inbit and ran off despite Aisha calling him back.

It was clear he considered Aisha separate from the other Inbits, as he seeked her forgiveness in his mind as he ran away. Aisha could only cry.

Ray and Houquet were fighting Batra at this time. Ray managed to pin Batra down, but Houquet refused to fire her missiles because Ray was also in the way. She moved in to hit Batra, giving Batra an opportunity to hit her and then get free from Ray. Batra moved in for the kill. Luckily, Stick arrived in the nick of time with his TLead. Stick and Batra fought for a while, then Stick fired his last eight missiles at Batra while Batra just hovered in the air, making him an easy target. The battle was over.

On the ground, Houquet asked Stick where Aisha was. You could see Houquet's Legioss and Stick's TLead, but not Ray's Legioss. Was it too badly damaged? Stick said they should not mention Aisha anymore as she was an Inbit. Ray grapped Stick and told him he was the one who was thinking of her. Didn't he like her? Why wouldn't he admit it? Houquet pulled Ray back, but agreed with Ray and said that the girl in Stick's necklace would be happy for him too.

Stick tried to justify his hatred by saying Marlene was killed by the Inbit. Ray said he should not put all the responsibility on the Inbit. The humans were partially responsible too, because of the fighting. Stick pondered upon it.

The battle in space was then shown. The four dark Legiosses had not broken through the space defense line. Elsewhere, the Inbit was gaining the upperhand. More and more human spaceship got destroyed. The human commander realized they would lose if their losses kept up. Finally, the dark Legiosses entered the atmosphere. There were five to six Legiosses here.

Refles finally came to the realization that hatred begats hatred. She decided to leave for a new land untainted by hatred. She initiated the search for a new place.

The dark Legiosses made their way to Reflex Point very quickly. They blasted their way through the shield and killed off the Gosus in their path easily. Jim realized the Inbit was leaving, but there was not enough time before the dark Legiosses arrive. Sorji started to leave to defend the hive. Yellow stopped her and said he would help her. He said it was not just for Inbit, but for humans to stop the fighting too. Mint was happy for them and asked Jim to leave with him. Initially I thought Mint wanted to go out to battle, but it looked more like she just wanted to leave the hive before Refles took off! (You definitely don't want to be around when that happen.)

In space, the human commander finally resigned and ordered the electrically charged particle missiles be readied.

Sorji and Yellow went through the tunnels in the hive to flush out the dark Legiosses. Sorji was in her Gosu and Yellow hovering in his Mospeada. Sorji asked Yellow if he were prejudiced against other races. Yellow replied that he wasn't. Two dark Legiosses interrupted their conversation. Yellow fired a bunch of missiles at them and took them down easily.

The tunnel then started to flash. Sorji said that was because they were leaving.

Back in space, the human commander ordered the missiles be launched. There were eight of them. As he looked on the missiles flying away, he said softly they had lost Earth.

Refles must have noticed the missiles, because she said she wouldn't allow Earth be destroyed.

Back in the tunnel, Sorji and Yellow fought off another dark Legioss, but not before Sorji's Gosu lost an arm due to a surprise attack from her back. Three more dark Legiosses appeared before Sorji and Yellow. Sorji and Yellow looked at each other and prepared for their final stand.

The dark Legiosses were then destroyed from behind, by Stick! He said it was his duty. Sorji thanked him. They then flew into different tunnels.

Refles finally completed her preparation and was ready to leave. The Inbit hive started to glow brightly. Refles gave a speech on how the Inbit restored Earth's environment. Finally, she left as a blinding ray of light. It went past the missiles and melted them completely. Rays of light from all over the world converged on the main ray of light. The human spaceships were shown to be melted by the ray, just like the missiles. This was Refles's last contribution to Earth: destroying those who sowed to destroy it.

Stick's group, excluding Aisha and Sorji, was observing Refles's departure from a nearby cliff. Stick said it was over. Yellow corrected him and said this was just the beginning.

We then see desert morphed into greenland. Why should this happen after the Inbit leave? Shouldn't it be the other way round? I suppose this was to show that a passage of time had passed.

Stick was saying goodbye to the rest of the group as a Yellow concert was going on; he was returning to Mars. Aisha was not with them. Jim would stay on Earth to work on the land. Ray was going home and it was obvious Houquet would follow him.

Where was Sorji? She was on her way to Yellow's concert on a Mospeada, still in her Inbit clothing. She was not shown with the other characters, but she was at Yellow's concert.

While Stick was lifting off, he saw Aisha looking at him from a forest clearing. However, he did not stop and continued blasting away. Stick seemed relieved that Aisha was still alive. This implied that none of them had seen Aisha since Refles left. This was strange because a passage of time had passed and Aisha did not look like she could survive on her own.

Aisha wished for Stick to come back, as were the others. The subtitles seemed to imply a lot of Inbits were waiting for Stick. But for what? I believe it was mistranslated. It should really mean that the entire group wished for Stick to come back. I believe there were only two Inbits left on Earth: Aisha and Sorji.

In space, Stick looked at the necklace, but he was thinking of Aisha. Jim drove Mint and Aisha away on his jeep. Aisha seemed to be in a good mood. Finally, Stick's Legioss/TLead flew past the moon and it left a necklace behind in its wake.