A comparison between various Kiki DVD discs

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I have 3 Kiki DVD discs, apparently from different sources. I chose four scenes to show how they are different.

There are three images per scene. The first image is from an early Kiki DVD. It has hardcoded Chinese subtitles. The second image is from a recent Kiki DVD. It has selectable Chinese and English subtitles. It is part of the Archives of Studio Ghibli Boxset. The third image is from the original R2 disc.

Update (18 Apr 2003): Kiki has just been released in the US three days ago. However, I have not intention of getting it, so there will be no comparison to it!

Judge these scenes for yourself:

These images are captured using WinDVD 3.0. They are converted from bmp to jpeg using Photoshop 5.0 LE. No manipulation is done. JPEG quality is 7, baseline standard.

Note that the images from the original R2 disc are stretched vertically. This is because the video is anamorphic and WinDVD does not restore the aspect ratio when capturing. This is good for comparison, as scaling is not done.