Gundam 08th MS Team (R2)

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Category R2
Bitrate ~8.68 Mbps
Language tracks Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround, 448 kbps)
Subtitles None
Others Progressive with very few breaks. Title screen, eye-catch, and other text screens are interlaced. Preview is progressive.

Note: timings are from the start of the disc.

Ep 1, 0:04:13 One of the very few breaks in the progressive sequence. Blink and you will miss it. Consists of 4 broken frames over 8 frames.
Ep 2, 0:27:10 Artifact free. Good!
Some people say that you cannot compare JPEG screenshots. This png file (372 kB) is the difference of the JPG file of the above scene and the BMP source. It is not totally black, but it is close, isn't it? (Note that the thumbnail is JPEG. :-)

I tested a few other screenshots and they give similar results.

The same image, with whitepoint set to 10 (or 3.9%). The png file is 588 kB.
Ep 2, 0:27:12 The (almost) same view as above, without the fence. This is to see if the fence make a difference. (None)
Ep 2, 0:27:54 A stitched image; not totally seamless. The perspective changes -- the fan, the commander, and to a lesser extent, the standing positions -- so it is important to minimize the effect. The lighting changes too.

No EE can be seen. Artifacts can be seen because this is a panning scene.

Ep 2, 0:37:19 Night scenes look good.
Ep 2, 0:37:20 No blocking artifact despite flashing. Good!
Ep 2, 0:37:20 Night scene with a light source.
Ep 2, 0:45:57 Just to see if we can see into the shadow areas.
Ep 2, 0:46:03 Look at the three soldiers. The details on them are still quite clear.

How to start a fight, the cool way

Blast your way..
.. down the hill
You will be moving so fast that you will be able to fly out of it
Reach for your axe
Stretch your other hand
With your axe in hand, you can throw away your gun
Swing it
It helps to have a shield or it's game over
Glow your eyes for maximium impact
Force your opponent down
Continue underwater

These images are captured using PowerDVD 4.0. No hardware acceleration is used. Weave mode is used, as the video is encoded as progressive. No resizing or sharpening is done. They are converted from BMP to JPEG (quality 9) using Photoshop 6.0.