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The 3 Kiki DVDs

  The disc  the front, the back.

  The disc. See below for the packaging.

  The disc. The cover was not available for the shot.

Archives of Studio Ghibli DVDs

  The front, the back  half opened,

 opened, opened without discs.

The panels close up: 1, 2, 3.

I am very impressed with the packaging. In fact, I did a small survey and no one believed this was bootleg. The pirates have come a long way. In time, it will be even harder to distinguish between them and the originals.

Photo-nut section

The film used is Fuji Superia ISO 400. No flash is used, unless otherwise stated. Usually, I don't crop my photos, but this time is an exception. Otherwise, there is too much empty space which detract from the presentation. 2-sec MLU (mirror lockup) is used.

Note that I differ from my usual practice by not putting a Copyright message in the images. However, these images should still not be used for non-private purposes.

The negatives are scanned in on a Nikon LS-30 using VueScan at 1350 dpi. The following processing is done for all images:

As a guide, as few manipulation is done as possible.

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