The Apprentice Tries Again

First created on 12th Oct 2005.

More yoga poses. :-)

Very basic pose. When folding your legs, put the feet above the knees, that's all!

Posing: simple. Holding: simple.

The chair. It should look like you're sitting down on an invisible chair. Reminds you of the horse stance, doesn't it?

There's a slightly more difficult one where you stand on your toes. That one is tough to hold steadily for ten seconds.

Posing: simple. Holding: simple.

The fundamental pose in the class. The legs must be straight and the soles flat on the ground, but I can't do that.

My back is slightly too high here. The body and legs should form a perfect isosceles triangle. :-)

Posing: simple. Holding: simple.

The support leg is supposed to be straight, soles flat on the ground, raise the other leg as high as you can, keep it straight and hold it there.

This is the best I've done, although the posture is not entirely right. There are people in the class who can hold the leg up vertically. Power..

Posing: medium. Holding: hard.

Start with your body and legs in a L-shape, then lower either one or both legs to 45 degrees, keep both straight and.. hold them there.

Think you're done? :-) Lower to 30 degrees and hold them there. And then it's 15 degrees.

You need very strong lower stomach muscles. I can hold it for like five seconds and then it's suddenly very painful and it's game over.

Posing: simple. Holding: hard.

Very similar to the crow, but much simpler if you are able to cross your legs.

My posture is slightly wrong because you're supposed to bend the hands slightly so that you lean forward and raise your buttock higher.

Posing: medium. Holding: medium.

Use just your hands to lift yourself up! Requires some strength.

My posture is incorrect because the hand with the leg crossing over it is supposed to be slightly bent; my body has to lean forward slightly. The other hand is supposed to be by the side, not at the back. The leg is supposed to be straight too.

I can stay in this pose for all of five seconds. Think I'm smiling? I'm actually shaking and about to burst from holding my breath! :-D

Think this is hard? Turns out this is only the first part! The instructor later showed the second part. I know it's very difficult, because he made it look so effortless. :-)

Posing: medium. Holding: hard.


Camera: Dynax X60

ISO 200

Auto color temperature, that's why there is the yellowish color cast.