A Few Words On Riding

16 Mar 2005: updated text.
First created on 25th Dec 2004.

15th December 2004: second attempt to get my bike licence. Passed!

18th December 2004: bought my bike.

21st December 2004: collected my bike and started riding.

I got the Yamaha YBR125. As its name imply, it's a 125cc bike. Here's how it looks like:

Why did I get a bike?

Now all of Singapore is within my reach! When my colleagues asked me to go for lunch, I'll pull out the map of Singapore and asked, "Where?" :-)

A friend said that private transport improves your quality of life. I agree. You can go to any where you want to, at any time you want to. There is life outside of MRT stations. :-D Unfortunately, cars are extremely expensive in Singapore. It's not just the ownership, but the usage too. Riding is the alternative. Plus, you don't have to worry about traffic congestions and parking, the two big headache for drivers.

Most people don't give riding a chance before they straightaway dismiss it as dangerous. They should try. It requires skill and it's fun! Riding is not all about speed. It takes skills to corner, squeeze between cars and be a safe rider.

And if you know your parents will object, do it the way I did: learn secretly. :-) The first day I rode my bike home, I got a scolding from my parents. :-D

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