SBV Accident

First created on 8th Apr 2006.

24th May 2005. While travelling to Ghim Moh for lunch with my colleagues via South Buona Vista road, I went too low around a bend. The foot peg hit the ground and caused the wheels to lose contact. The bike and I slided on the road onto the incoming lane and hit a pickup, which managed to stop in time.

Looked alright, but notice the tire dent on the exhaust pipe. The pipe had been pushed up and caused the main stand to hit against the chain. The bike could not be ridden and I had to get it towed to the repair center.
The front faring was smashed in. This was where the other tire hit it.
Contact point with the road. Dragged along the road at 30-40 km/h for 4-5 seconds.
Survived, but no more accidents, please!

I was very lucky to get away with just flesh wounds and repairable damages.

It did cost me quite a bit: $180 to settle with the pick-up driver, $40 to tow, $504 to repair, and $40+ medical bills.

And lasting memories on my arm and knee.

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