Buying A Bike

First created on 21st Feb 2005.

Buying a new bike? Let's see how I bought mine, and find out what to do and what not to do!

Shops like to quote three types of bike price: machine price, all-in and on-the-road (OTR). I would prefer to compare OTR, because it is closest to the final price (shops estimate based on your looks/age). Not all shops calculate OTR the same way. Don't be surprised at costs popping up here and there later.

I got the Yamaha YBR125 in December 2004. My bike's OTR is $4310. Here's the breakdown.

Machine price$2653
Road Tax$40
Agreement fees$150

This is the real OTR. I was quoted $3700 initially. Needed to top up this and that.

According to a newspaper clipping at the Yamaha showroom, the machine price is $2495. I paid $158 more.. :-( I bought the bike knowing almost nothing about it. Don't do the same. (This price is worked backwards.)

I got the COE at almost the peak. Two months later, it's $500 less!

Insurance is very variable. New or old rider? Age group? Shops like to quote over 30 years old (much cheaper). I had to top up for my age. Third party (TP), third party with fire & theft (TPFT) or comprehensive? And ask whether it's shop insurance or not. Shops like to give shop fire & theft to save some money.

Road tax is standard. Half year $40.

GST is GST of the above items. Don't sneeze at it. 5% is a lot.

Agreement fees include all the processing fees and transfer fees. It's sure to pop up somewhere.

You need to pay for the IU for a new bike. Price includes installation. I didn't ask for a second-hand one, which can be as cheap as $75 (excluding installation).

A new rider needs p-plates. Installation is free.

The bike should have come with the number plates, but if it doesn't, the plates cost $20, including installation.

The bike comes with a free helmet, box and bike cover. The helmet is totally useless for protection. I got another one for $45 less than a week later (overpaid by $10, but that's another matter). So, find out about the helmet before the collection date. If it's no good, get your own and ask for a discount. Otherwise you have to accept whatever helmet they give you on collection date.

I don't know about any fees from loans, because I didn't take one.

Make sure there are no other hidden fees, like collection fees!

Lastly, the shop will give you just enough petrol to reach the nearest petrol station. It claimed to give me 1 liter, but actually it gave me 0.5 liter only.

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