I'm Not A Vegetarian!

The first thing you need to know about me is: I am not a vegetarian! It's a common perception that I'm a vegetarian, but I'm not. I can eat only very few kinds of meat, sometimes depending on how it is prepared.

I am doing vegetarians a disservice because I frequently introduce myself as a vegetarian, when I am not. Then people get confused when they found out I eat meat. But describing myself as a vegetarian is the easiest way to let others know my food preference.

Some definitions

Ovo-lacto vegetarian: avoid eating all flesh, but may eat eggs, cheese and the like.

Pesco-vegetarian or pescetarian: may eat fish.

Edible meat (to me)

I'm not a vegetarian because I do eat meat! On my "approved" list:

Why am I like this?

Don't ask me. I've been like this since I can remember. It has nothing to do with religion, beliefs, ethics, health or anything remotely resembling animal rights.

What happens if I do eat meat? It's just like if you eat something bad. It tastes very bad to me. I'll spit it out and rinse my mouth. If I have swallowed it, I may throw up due to the gag reflex. This has toned down over the years. Still, I have no wish to test it!

How do I survive?

I don't need to eat true vegetarian food. So long there's no meat inside — including taste and smell — I'm okay. My mother, for example, doesn't give a hoot about my preference and always mix some meat with vegetables. I just select the meat out. I usually eat vegetarian because it's almost 100% safe for me. But it's not 100% safe. I can't eat vegetarian sea food, for example.

Something most people missed out is that I don't eat most kind of vegetables too. Yes, I'm very picky.

Changes to normal food: