HDB Housing Loan Calculator

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This calculator is provided as-is. While I believe it is correct, there is no guarantee that it is. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

This page is Javascript driven. There is no communication with the server after the initial load, nor does it set any cookies. Any values you enter will be lost after you exit the page.

The calculations may not accurate to the cents level due to rounding. I calculate the interest to two decimal places only. Also, I use normal rounding instead of banker's rounding. Thus, you may not get identical figures from a spreadsheet or from your bank.

User entry error handling is minimal, so watch your inputs!

The user interface should be easy to figure out. One thing that is not obvious is the date fields. The format is yy [ / mm ] . For example, 1/3 means year 1, month 3. Entering 1 alone means year 1. For programmers, take note the dates are 1-based!

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Year Amt

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